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Do I need to schedule a consultation to order wine?

No. If you’re short on time and just want some wine, skip the consultation and we’ll use whatever information you provide to get you a selection you can purchase and enjoy ASAP!

Can I communicate with my Somm outside of my scheduled time?

Yes! Open the chat window on any page to discuss whatever’s on your mind in real time, or leave a message for your Somm. Consider us a Somm in your pocket!

Can I choose wines myself, instead of or in conjunction with what Somm Demand has curated for me?

At the moment, we offer a concierge wine service, so you should think of your Somm as your personal shopper. Your Somm will recommend the wines they think are best for your palate. If you have any reservations about your selection, we are happy to discuss alternatives. Our hope, however, is that you are here to explore and that we can gain your trust with our recommendations. We currently do not expose our entire inventory for à la carte shopping, but we will open it up for self-service in the near future.

How does Somm Demand work?

Think of us as a personalized wine club. A dedicated Somm provides recommendations based on wines you’ve enjoyed in the past. Depending on your sense of adventure, we can help you stretch to new varietals and regions, or we can just help you access the best values that match the wines you know you love.

How much does Somm Demand cost?

The Somm Demand service itself is free (for now), and we hope you take advantage of it! You pay for the wine and flat-rate shipping.

Do you have special offers?

Yes. We’ll post special offers of seasonal wine packs and regional bundles on the homepage. We work with our suppliers to occasionally spotlight a region or a producer, or certain varietals as a way to help expose customers to new avenues and to increase knowledge across the Somm Demand community. Special offers are available for a limited time and come with a complimentary virtual group tasting. The best way to ensure access is to sign up to receive our newsletter!

What’s stopping me from buying your recommendations elsewhere?

We don’t expect to be your only source of wine. We definitely want you to use the knowledge we’re providing to spontaneously pick up the perfect bottle for a summer picnic or to impress the host of your next dinner party. We’re betting that the more you learn, the more you’ll appreciate our service and guidance. Also, many of the wines we offer aren’t available through traditional retail channels. Access to wines is part of our core value proposition.

What types of wine do you offer?

We offer wines from around the world, but we specialize in French and Italian wines. And of course we have access to many amazing wines in our own backyard of Northern California. We find that focusing on these key regions enables us to teach core concepts and patterns. But rest assured, our selection will span the globe and you’ll be exposed to a wide variety.

Will I be forced into buying only expensive, high-end wines?

You definitely don’t need to break the bank to drink great wine. Our selections start between $15 and $25 per bottle. We think of that price point as the sweet spot to access quality wines from many regions around the world. Any bottle that costs less than $15 has a much higher chance of containing additives and suffering from practices that can corrupt a wine’s character. We source from producers who don’t take shortcuts, and whose efforts and attention to detail are reflected in their product. If your wine journey is just beginning, this is a great starting point. If you already know your palate and want to try some world-class wines from distinguished, hard-to-access producers, we have you covered as well. But we are not purveyors of DRC. Never will be. But if you want to start a new cellar, or build out an existing one with stellar, age-worthy wines, we’ve got you covered.

How do I communicate what wines I like or don’t like?

Log in to your Somm Demand account. You’ll be able to explore regions, countries, and varietals, rate the wines that you’ve already tried, and request another meeting with a Somm whenever you’re ready. Remember, every rating, good or bad, is a valuable data point that will help us identify qualities that either excite you or leave you feeling meh. The goal is to maximize your enjoyment and help you avoid wines that don’t match your palate.

What if my palate changes?

You can fully expect your wine preferences to evolve – and that’s a good thing! We’ll make sure you’re getting the perfect wine to match any mood and meal, and your ever-evolving taste buds.

When will I get recommendations?

Once the consultation is complete, your Somm will combine your answers with their expertise to build a personalized shopping cart of wine sourced from producers all over the world. A link in your email will enable you to purchase the wines from your cart. We’ll ship the wines directly to you, or you can arrange for a pickup at our Oakland office.

How does Somm Demand know what wines I’ll like?

Once you set up an account on the homepage, you can schedule a 15-minute consultation during which your Somm will assess your palate and desire to explore new avenues. You’ll answer a handful of questions about what types of wine you enjoy and, if possible, why. It’d be helpful to come prepared with a few examples of bottles you remember – good and bad – but don’t feel like you need to know anything about taste profiles or tannic structure.

Do you work with groups?

Absolutely! We run events for groups large and small. Looking to treat your team of 10? Catering an event of 200? We can help with groups of nearly any size. If you just want to Zoom a Somm into your dinner party to guide your guests through the evening’s pairings, we can do that too. If you have an idea for how a Somm could improve your event, let us know!

What do I do if a bottle I buy from Somm Demand has a wine fault (e.g. corked wine)?

First off, great job identifying the flaw! We’ve taught you well. Through technological advancements (DM corks, twist caps), producers can minimize or eliminate this risk altogether. We prioritize these methods when possible to make sure cork taint is less of an issue. Generally, our producers are responsible for the bad bottle. If you happen to be a local customer, you’re welcome to bring the bottle to us (it must be more than half full!), and we’ll provide you with another one free of charge. Unfortunately, we currently cannot accept returns on shipped bottles for compliance reasons, but if you let us know, we’ll do our best to make sure you are satisfied.

When can I expect to receive wine?

If you live in or visit the San Francisco Bay Area, you can arrange a pickup at our Telegraph Ave office in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood. Otherwise, just provide your home address. As long as you’re in a state that allows wine shipments, we’re happy to pack up your shipment and drop it at your door.

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