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Our one-on-one Sommelier services are currenty in private beta. Check back soon for the opportunity to explore your palate with your very own Somm!

We know that finding your personal palate is a journey, not a destination.


Have Questions?

Do I need to schedule a consultation to order wine?

No. If you’re short on time and just want some wine, skip the consultation and we’ll use whatever information you provide to get you a selection you can purchase and enjoy ASAP!

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Can I communicate with my Somm outside of my scheduled time?

Yes! Open the chat window on any page to discuss whatever’s on your mind in real time, or leave a message for your Somm. Consider us a Somm in your pocket!

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Do you have special offers?

Yes. We’ll post special offers of seasonal wine packs and regional bundles on the homepage. We work with our suppliers to occasionally spotlight a region or a producer, or certain varietals as a way to help expose customers to new avenues and to increase knowledge across the Somm Demand community. Special offers are available for a limited time and come with a complimentary virtual group tasting. The best way to ensure access is to sign up to receive our newsletter!

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